Quality Monitoring Program

Quality Monitoring, quality control janitorial services, Mississauga and Brampton

Quality Control Janitorial Services

"A quality you can count on"

We pride ourselves in providing customers with consistent quality control janitorial services, accomplished through our quality monitoring programs. These monitoring programs consist of a detailed look at the cleaning performance, to ensure the quality of workmanship remains at a high level throughout our time together. These monitoring programs are tailored to match the frequency of cleaning services provided at your office.

For those companies cleaned less than five days per week, our Inside Customer Service Representative is committed to ensuring you are completely happy with the services we provide. This representative will call your office on a monthly basis to inquire about the quality of our work. If you have any questions or comments, this representative will be available by phone or e-mail during business hours to help you out. If requested, we can also set up an appointment with our Outside Customer Service Representative, who will visit your office to handle any additional concerns.

For companies we clean 5 days per week, we staff a dedicated Outside Customer Service Representative, who will monitor the quality of our services and ensure your satisfaction. This is achieved through detailed inspections of your office on a monthly basis. At these inspections, we will take a detailed look at the cleaning performance to make sure all aspects of your cleaning program are being implemented. The representative will review the customer service book left at reception, to confirm that all of your additional cleaning requests are being dealt with in a timely manner. Finally, to insure quality control janitorial services a consultation will take place with your company representative, to obtain feedback on our cleaner’s performance, as well as to make any recommendations on how we can better service your cleaning needs.